Face of Severe Duty

Digital/Social Campaign

Chevron Delo Lubricant Motor Oil started in 1879, with a heritage based in submarines and cross country trucking, the brand wanted to highlight the modern perils of trucking. With Darrell Ward from History’s Ice Road Truckers we set out to find Severe Duty Operators, with a 11 day Face of Severe Duty Road Trip from California to Texas. 


The 11 day social campaign highlighted life on the road as well as the characters we met on the way. With each stop we discovered a different face with a unique story, from a new generation of young truckers to the experienced veterans we were able to introduce the Face of Severe Duty. A face that is complex and multifaceted but all on their own journey, which resulted a final mini documentary stringing their stories together.

The Final Mini Documentary


Selection of short form day to day content that led to larger documentatry