Kettlebell Kitchen

Started in 2012, Kettlebell Kitchen’s mission is to help people change their lives through food. I joined the company to help elevate the brand and make it the leader in nutritious direct to consumer prepared meals. It started with the brand book and honing a voice as well as look and feel. The founders wanted Kettlebell Kitchen to be “the Nike of food,” in terms of bridging different athletic “tribes.” From there I worked on executing the brand across different channels and mediums.

Below are some highlights:

  • Brand Book

  • Content and ads

  • Website and E-comm experience

  • Packaging

  • In-gym and physical experience



Brand Book


KBK Champions

KBK Champions is a group of athletes that are sponsored by Kettlebell Kitchen. These are people who have set out to achieve extraordinary goals, the first batch of content/ads was to help anchor Kettlebell Kitchen in 3 groups identified as profitable- CrossFit athletes, runners, and MMA fighters.

Below are some of my favorite athletes.

Allie Kieffer, Professional Runner- Allie started eating KBK when she was training for the NYC Marathon as part of Nike’s Project Moonshot. She was a college athlete and ran long distance. Like many collegiate athletes she didn’t know what to do after college. As a side hustle she would train people for the NYC Marathon. In 2017 she decided to run the marathon after getting back into competitive shape. Allie unexpectedly placed 5th that year and rattled the running community. As a result many critics comment on her weight and how she shouldn’t be able to place with her body type, but Allie doesn’t let it get to her and is an advocate and proponent of breaking running stereotypes.


John Cholish, MMA Fighter- John used to be a UFC fighter and by day he is commodities broker. Since John has a busy schedule, KBK was the perfect solution to his training and day-to-day. Not only did the convenience of KBK help John navigate his schedule but his philosophy of whole foods aligns perfectly with KBK. John was able to balance his fighting career and professional career, today he is a mentor to future MMA fighters and continues his successful financial career.


Kari Pearce, CrossFit Athlete/Fittest American Woman- Kari used to be a gymnast and found her calling in CrossFit. Her determination and commitment to be on the podium at the CrossFit games is inspiring. She is able to navigate the chaos and tight spaces of NYC to train. In between training at two different gyms and running laps around the Lincoln Center, Kari leaves all her macro counting to KBK. She’s able to focus and achieve her goals because her nutrition is all calculated through KBK.


Michelle Kwak, CrossFit Athlete/Army National Guard- Michelle is representing the future of CrossFit. She’s a Korean American CrossFit athlete in the Army Reserve. Her father’s career in the military inspired her to join the army and her skills in CrossFit help her excel in training. Despite being able to excel in her training, the meals provided by the military make her feel sluggish and hinder her physical ability. That’s why she chose KBK to be her nutrition partner to help her excel at work and competition.Being one of the few Asian Americans competing in CrossFit regionals gives her the drive to show her family that typical Korean body/beauty standards are dated and can be rewritten.


Cut together a new years anthem with existing content to target people making new years resolutions.


Food forward spot for retargeting and promoting the convenient service.


Kettlebell Kitchen Website

Redesigned all page on Kettlebell Kitchen, see full site here



Custom fitted sleeves with embossed plant fiber trays. Redesigned meal plan guides- more here.